Greece residence permit by investment

Greece residence permit by investment

Citizens of certain non-European Union countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia can stay in Greece without a visa, as long as they do not stay more than 90 days in a 180 day period. All other non-EU citizens will need a visa to enter Greece in the first place. And if these non-EU citizens are planning to live in Greece, they must apply for the relevant residence permit from the Greek Consulate in their country of origin or in their country of residence before arriving in Greece. (You can check our website how do you need to enter Greece.)


1. The property can be inherited by family members. 
2. There is no business background and language requirements*.
3. A family of three generations can apply together.
4. No stay requirements*.
5. Visa-free access in 183 countries including the Schengen countries and the US *. 
6. High-quality European education resources.
7. Excellent quality of life and higher welfare.
8. Top level of medical care security.


1、Non-criminal record;
2、Investment requirement* for details, please contact us.

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