World Class Team
World Class Team

Michael Derrickson
Vice President, Chief policy officer
Mr Derrickson manages the government policy research department. It is crucial for us to understand and to use the policies as tools to assist our clients for their needs.

Ioanna Halley
Vice President, Chief Program Design Officer

Ms Halley manages the program design department. We offer a variety of residence permit programs and citizenship programs to our clients, the program design department designs the programs that meet our clients’ needs.

Barbara Ferrante
Head of International Planning Division

Ms Ferrante is the head of international planning division, she manages residence permit or citizenship planning for our clients.

Athina Lauro
Head of Property Investment Division

Mrs Lauro is responsible for choosing investment properties to our clients, including hotels, mansions, apartments etc.

Jeffrey Lupi
Head of Personal Finance Division

Mr Lupi has significant experience in individual finance and taxation advisory work as well as with equity and debt capital markets. At WZ&P, he is responsible for leading business advisory services to individual clients involved in taxation and other dimensions of individual finance and financial structuring transactions. 

Hugo Jursetic
Head of Legal Division

Mr Jursetic’s areas of expertise include commercial law, property law, trusts and company law. Now responsible for the supervision of all legal affairs of WZ&P.  

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