Business and Strategy Consulting
Business and Strategy Consulting

Making the most of a world of opportunity
The exciting news is that doing business internationally is easier and more attractive than ever. The terrifying news is, well, doing business internationally is easier and more attractive than ever. Almost every company thinks about doing it. Many actually have a good reason for it. Unfortunately, many companies “go global” without adequate preparation and strategic planning. And the results are exactly what you might expect: a world of pain.

Many companies “go global” without adequate preparation. And that leads to a world of pain
The mission of WZ&P’s business and strategic consulting practice is to help companies leverage the power of international business while avoiding the pitfalls. On the one hand, we use every bit of experience we’ve ever had to help your company follow best practices and steer clear of mistakes. On the other hand – no two companies are exactly alike. So we make sure the international business and strategic consulting we provide is not just smart but, more particularly, smart for your business.

WZ&P helps businesses identify and seize opportunities on the global stage – opening new markets, finding tax advantages and thus saving them from costly and potentially devastating mistakes.

Assess your company’s global business opportunities
WZ&P’s business and strategic consulting services include:

Business strategy development
Offshore company formation
Offshore banking relationships
Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (S.W.O.T.) analysis
Pre-investment feasibility studies and go/no-go decision consulting
Business plan research, writing and production
Market research, strategic discernment and options development
Internationalization of business processes for finance and operations optimization
Partner identification, assessment, due diligence and contract facilitation
Business model tailoring and restructuring to take advantage of market conditions/opportunities or to comply with regulations in international jurisdictions
We know you think the world of your business – and we do too. Be sure to consult with a highly qualified advisor specializing in global business transformation before entering new jurisdictions.

Going global requires a sound strategic plan
Going “Global” requires careful preparation and strategic planning.

Thanks to our experience we can tailor a specific international business strategy for your company which will avoid the typical pitfalls.

Our Services include: business strategy, offshore company formation, offshore banking, analysis of your business plan for better implementation.

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