Escrow and Paymaster
Escrow and Paymaster

Keep your assets in escrow until the transaction is complete
Our Escrow and Paymaster Services protect our clients when purchasing or selling real estate, aircraft, vehicles, jewelry, art objects, securities or when doing business.

Using an escrow service is a smart choice as the funds will be safely held in escrow until all documents completing a purchase/sale are duly filed and registered. Both sides are protected by having an impartial and neutral third party holding the funds and not releasing them until the entire process is completed.

Escrow services protect both parties by ensuring funds and goods are not exchanged until the entire process is completed
Our Paymaster Service ensures that payments will only be made after all agreed upon conditions are met and fulfilled. Using a firm knowledgeable in taxation and financing matters as a paymaster makes sense. We can handle receipts and payments for every type of transaction including bank account deposits.

Our attorneys can examine every type of contract to make sure that they are legally binding and to make suggestions for modifying them if the need arises. We can draft purchase & sales contracts, make deposits, make transfers of title, and even create legal entities like corporations or private foundations. Our experienced staff can answer all of your questions concerning the escrow process. We provide complete privacy and confidentiality.

WZ&P escrow and paymaster services have a wide range of applications
In case you are not familiar with escrow services, here are several common situations in which they may be used:

Real estate title transfers: In over 80 countries, WZ&P provides complete escrow services for real estate transfers. Typical uses for escrow include paying off property liens, paying notary fees and government filing fees, paying government taxes and utility bills, paying off the balance of a mortgage and paying the realtor commission. Whether you are the buyer or seller, using our escrow services gives you the confidence that the agreed-upon sale price has been met, property liens and other debts have been paid off and the title deed has been properly filed and recorded.
Planes, vehicles, vessels and more: Your property holdings may be vast and varied (good for you!). WZ&P has experience with complex transfers involving all types of property including corporate securities.
Search of title: Before you complete a transaction, be sure your counterparty is the true titleholder – and that no existing liens may derail the sale or complicate your ownership at a future point.
Global trade: If you are conducting business across international borders, use our escrow service to be sure the strict terms of the deal are met before payment is concluded.
Development of Real Property: If you are a property developer, you know how important it is to make payments to contractors at the appropriate points to ensure continued and efficient rendering of services. WZ&P escrow services can payments are made to contractors in line with the signed agreements.
Payroll Management: WZ&P escrow services can implement a payroll system to ensure your employees are compensated appropriately and on time. Our system can even handle deductions for withholding taxes, health and other benefits and Social Security.
Rental Management: While we are not real property managers we can accept rental payments for a landlord and deposit them into a bank account and pay bills related to the property. This can be done for other types of rentals including aircraft, vehicles, vessels, and personal properties.
Investments: We can be hired by an investment group to disburse broker commission payments, corporate dividends, royalties, bonuses, or investment buyouts.
Your privacy, confidentiality and satisfaction are 100% assured.

Protect your major asset transactions
Our Escrow and Paymaster Services can be used in many ways: real property, aircraft, boats, securities, personal property, vehicles, payrolls, investments, rentals, international trade… We offer safe, confidential, professional services.

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