Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance

It’s all about the Benjamins – and how you manage them
Money makes the world go round, they say, so it’s no surprise that for our clients doing business internationally, financial issues are a top priority concern. International businesses can be structured for maximum financial and tax benefit (with the correct international tax planning) – or, done incorrectly, can become a huge drain on overall corporate profitability.

Even if you started your business for pure passion, to fulfill an unmet social need or pursue a lifelong dream, business, at its core, is about money. Making money makes it possible to stay in business and make more money. Not making money makes everything a lot more challenging.

Your business’s finances can be structured to make sure there’s money for you to take home or reinvest
The good news is that your business’s finances can be structured to make making money easier – and make sure there’s more for you to take home or reinvest. Plan and structure appropriately and maximize your tax benefit. Do it wrong and your poor financial planning can become a drain on the entire enterprise.

WZ&P works with clients to develop solid, smart financial strategies that take advantage of international regulations and offshore jurisdictions to position the business for success. Given the diverse experience and skill sets of the WZ&P team, we are able to touch a wide array of functional areas in the corporate structure, thus delivering the utmost benefit across the organization.

WZ&P’s corporate finance practice evaluates and rethinks your company’s financial strategies to ensure you are maximizing not only profit but also working capital as well as your flexibility to make rapid investment decisions when opportunity knocks. We make sure your money is working as hard as possible for you – after all, you worked hard for it.

A wealth of strategic corporate financial services
Our corporate finance services include:

Asset protection
Offshore banking and financial structures
IPOs and stock exchange listings
M&A and rights surrenders (cessions)
Investment/financial appraisals and commercial due diligence or
Company reorganizations, turnarounds, restructuring, Chapter 11
Evaluation and reports on company financial health
Industrial expansion evaluation – financial feasibility
Executive recruitment of financial management candidates
Exit strategies, buy-outs, buy-ins, spin-offs, MBOs, MBIs and LBOs
So if there’s something specific you want to know about, please don’t hesitate to ask. Money talks, and we’re conversant in its many languages.

Strategies to maximize financial and tax benefits
Our financial strategies will take advantage of international regulations and offshore jurisdictions to maximize your company’s financial and tax benefits.

Our corporate finance services include: mergers & acquisitions, investment & financial appraisals, financial feasibility of expansion, qualified financial management, stock exchange listing, asset protection and offshore banking.

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