International Tax Planning
International Tax Planning

Innovative and customized international tax planning strategies
They say only two things are certain: death and taxes. At WZ&P, we can add a third: If you work with us, we guarantee your business and personal finances will be governed by sound international tax planning principles.

Achieving tax advantages is, of course, the primary reason for creating an international business entity. The consultants and attorneys of WZ&P – with years of training and experience in international taxation policies and structures – can provide the guidance and assistance you need to operate successfully on the global stage.

Tax advantage is the primary reason for creating an international business entity
The services we offer include:

• Global tax reduction strategies
• International planning with regard to personal taxation, family offices, estates and corporations
• Immigration and emigration strategies for minimizing tax liability
• Business and partnership restructuring for tax benefit
• Double tax treaties and their use in mitigating tax liability
• Usage of structures domiciled in high-tax areas
• Offshore company strategies for tax mitigation purposes
• Evaluation of taxable income and definition of international dividends, interests and royalties on cost sharing agreements on CFC regulations, tax avoidance rules and mixed financial structure
• Transfer pricing
• How to comply with rules governing anti-avoidance and anti-abuse

Take advantage of local favourable taxation in more than 80 countries
Our international tax planning services can be retained by individuals as well as businesses that wish to reduce their tax liability by taking advantages of local taxation rules in over 80 countries. WZ&P may also recommend immigration to low taxation countries, using companies and other structures and where possible taking advantage of double taxation treaties.

Find out more about how WZ&P can minimize your tax burden and maximize the value of your holdings.

Tax Planning on a Global Scale
Our international tax planning services are available to individuals and corporations for minimizing taxes worldwide. A global plan might include immigration to countries with favourable taxation, taking advantage of Double Taxation Treaties, reorganizing corporations and partnerships, and using offshore companies and other structures.

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