Personal Concierge
Personal Concierge

It’s 11 o’clock on a Monday night and you need a lamborghini…
Sounds far-fetched, but we’ve been in this situation – and until a client calls you with that precise demand, you don’t know how you’ll react (Answer: With surprise quickly segueing to single-minded efficiency mode).

Such is the life of an international concierge. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one – or, how about this, a team?

We’ll connect you with exclusive one-of-a-kind meals and once-in-a-lifetime excursions
WZ&P handles international concierge responsibilities for a select group of our premier clients. Yes, we’ve found the lamborghini– along with driver’s glasses to match. We can also set you with exclusive one-of-a-kind meals and once-in-a-lifetime excursions – plus entertainment, recreation and other opportunities.

It’s nice to have a concierge. Someone – better still, a team – that can connect you to the very best in travel, entertainment, dining, recreation and other lifestyle enhancements.

Then again, it’s possible you don’t actually know what you’re looking for. Maybe it doesn’t even exist yet. That’s fine too. We’ll help you figure it out. That’s what individual service is all about.

Contact us now. We’ll take are of the rest.
Due to the highly personal nature of this service we regret that it is available only to select clients.

We’re standing by, awaiting your instructions
Our concierge team assists clients in their travel, entertainment, recreation and lifestyle requirements.

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